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Figure Sculpture Workshop at Studio b.

Fellow students Renee McCalmont, Nancy Nichols Williams, Didon Comer, and Instructor Karen Cope

Karen Cope continued her Sculpt Across America presentation at Studio b. in Alys Beach, Florida, May 15 and 16, with two 5-hour days of a figure sculpting workshop.  Since my preferred mode of expression is drawing, I had to look at the subject in completely new ways.  I gained a much greater understanding of form.

As with every class at Studio b., the energy was intense.  The instructor’s extraordinary skills were evident both in her teaching and the samples she had brought with her.  Everyone experienced a fair degree of success.

I was fairly pleased with many aspects of my end result, despite my only previous figure sculpting experience being the 3-hour session two days prior.

My attempt, full figure at left My attempt, from behind My attempt, from behind

For me, though, the true pleasure was in the process.  Karen taught us to add small “notes” of clay to build out the form.

I am right-handed, but I caught myself using my left hand a lot of the time.   I wonder what that was about.

At left is the creation of a fellow student, Nancy Nichols Williams, who also regularly attends the weekly figure drawing sessions at Studio b.

Nancy Nichols Williams Nancy Nichols Williams

3 thoughts on “Figure Sculpture Workshop at Studio b.

  1. What a great Blog Joan! I’m glad you had such a good experience.I think we got some excellent results from our week of sculpting too! Your dedication and enthusiasm is wonderful and I look forward to seeing more sculpture from you soon. All the best~

  2. I so enjoyed the 3 hour class. Would have loved to have taken the longer one. Karen was fabulous!
    Hope to join more of the figure drawing classes.
    How lucky we are. Thank you Colleen.

  3. It was a thrill to see your work in clay. The female sculpture was particularly well done. I am repeatedly impressed by the depth and diversity of your talent. Glad I had the opportunity to buy a piece of your work before you become famous and out of my price range. I am also very appreciative of the time and energy you put forth maintaining this website and sharing both your art and process. Thank you.

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