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Guest Artist at Studio b.: Karen Cope, Sculpt Across America

I know very little about sculpture.  When I was studying art in college, I took only the one required sculpture class.  My area of emphasis was drawing and I also studied painting, but the three-dimensional arts intimidated me.  So when I learned that Colleen Duffley had invited a sculptor to give workshops at Studio b. the 2nd week of May, I was thrilled for the exposure to the community, but not so excited about participating.  That is, until I found out she would be doing figure and portrait sculpture workshops.  I knew there would be an immediate application to my figure drawing efforts, so as soon as I found out the workshop dates and times, I signed up for all available.
The instructor is Karen Cope.  Karen is doing a Sculpt Across America tour, offering workshops as she goes.  She is an extraordinarily gifted sculptor and a great teacher.
The night before last we had an introduction to her language and approach, “The Speed At Which Form Turns,” and last night we had our first clay-in-our-hands  session with 3 hours of figure sculpting.  10 people participated.

My effort was passable, given that my only other effort at sculpting, in college, was carving a rock out of plaster of paris, which found its home in the recycle bin as soon as it was graded.

The bearded model was infinitely patient with us, sitting for 3 hours in 20 minute stretches.  I made his legs about 3/4 as long as they really are — proportions were obviously a challenge for me.  But I think I captured the general lean and weight of the various masses.

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