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Wow, The Collective Energy, Figure Drawing at Studio b!

The energy was high at Studio b. this Wednesday at the regular weekly figure drawing session.  There were 5 of us, and we again drew in the courtyard by the pool.  The model was new to Studio b., but obviously experienced, holding difficult poses.  I was thrilled to be working beside the other accomplished artists in this setting.  Everyone was on fire!

Inside the Studio, Colleen, Melanie, and Garrett worked on a project.  The whole place was charged.

I had some fun drawing an unusual pose from a strange angle, to create the drawing at right.  You have to look at it a little longer, to figure out what I was seeing.  The model was leaning her head on one hand with that elbow propped on her knee, and her hair twisted across over to one side.  My view showed the top of her shoulders and a little of her back twisted towards me, even though she was seated.  Below it I have posted Steve Wagner’s drawing, to give you an idea of what it looked like from a different perspective.  From my vantage point, the shapes were so unusual that they became very abstracted to me, and I really had to just draw what I could see, without calling it a shoulder or a back.  It seemed like if I named a shape, I would draw it wrong and have to do it over.

We had several great poses from this model, and I especially appreciated the poses where her head was thrown back, creating amazing shadows in the shapes exposed within her neck.  My final drawing was a portrait.  I have also included Carol Joseph’s drawing of the same pose that I used for the portrait, with apologies that both Steve’s and Carol’s drawings are so dark in my photos — I should have used a flash, but they are sufficient for you to get the idea.  Steve draws on brown paper, but Carol was actually drawing on white paper.


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