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Plein Air Figure Drawing

At our  Figure Drawing session at Studio b., Thursday this week, we drew in the open air, in the courtyard by the pool.  Studio b. is a wonderful venue for events of all sorts, including many a reception for any number of creative pursuits.  The activity often spills over into the courtyard where the pool and the pool fountain form a serene backdrop to whatever is going on.  A board on two ropes hangs as a swing  in front of the pool, a little catawampus, but serviceable.  The model posed near the old washtubs for our warm-up drawing, and then she posed leaning against one of the arbor pillars, and sitting on the swing, and then lying on a bench.  Four artists enjoyed the evening of shared community and artistic passion, while Colleen Duffley, owner of Studio b., and her assistant worked in the adjoining room.  I drew the following sketches there this week.

Most of my images are available for purchase.  Contact me if you are interested. — Joan Vienot

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