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The Figure’s Weight and Center of Gravity


This week Heather reviewed what to look for in the model’s pose, how the angles of the hips, knees, and shoulders help indicate the model’s balance and center of gravity.  She pointed out how the knee and hip of the weight-bearing leg will be higher in the picture plane than the knee and hip of the other leg, in ordinary perspective.  And usually the shoulders are contrapposto to the hips.  We had an excellent model for this exercise.

Large Female, Weight on Right Leg

The drawing at the right is an extreme example, with the angle of the hips and knees contrapposto to the angle of the shoulders, helping to indicate the vertical center of gravity on the inside of the weight-bearing left leg.

And at left, the model’s right knee is higher in the picture plane than the left, and her right breast is lower than the left, indicating the weight is on the model’s right leg, with the vertical center of gravity toward her right leg.

Heather Clements is the regular instructor for our figure drawing sessions at Collen Duffley’s Studio b. in Alys Beach, Florida.

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