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Framing My Art

Today I took some of my drawings to June Holm Art and Frame Atelier to be matted and framed.  June is a talented and accomplished pastel artist and instructor, as well as a framer, in my home area of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  I will choose three of the framed drawings to put in the Cultural Arts Association Member Tent at the nationally-recognized annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival which this year will be in Seaside, FL, on May 8 and 9.  All but one of the drawings I’m framing have been posted in previous blogs.

The application fee to have work shown in the Member Tent includes a commitment to volunteer 5 hours at the festival.  I have volunteered at the festival a few times before, the first couple of years back in the ’80’s when it was called the Grayton Beach Fine Arts Festival, and also when it was held at Eden State Gardens, and one year I had the privilege of serving as one of the jurors for the submitted art.

It was after seeing some of my art on the Figure Drawing Wall at Studio b. that I decided to put some drawings in the Member Tent.  I had a hard time choosing the three that I will show, so I took several extra drawings to June to be framed.  I think it will be easier to choose 3 when I see them professionally presented.  I find assessing my own work much more difficult than assessing someone else’s, because my judgment of my own work is colored by how much I value the process and the learning that happened in the production of the piece.  Since Heather Clements, our figure drawing instructor at Studio b., has offered so many interesting exercises taking us “outside of our comfort zone,” I have produced a number of drawings that I find very interesting and very different, but I’m not sure how other people will see them.  So I’ll choose between those and the other pieces drawn from a more classical approach, being conflicted about whether to show some pieces I find more interesting, or to show work that might get compliments.

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  1. I think you have a natural talent and enhanced with all this fantastic instruction, week after week, you have produced a plethora of rich and excellent work.

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