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Practicing with Horizontal Contours to Show Bulk

This week the instructor of Studio b.‘s figure drawing session, Heather Clements, drew horizontal contours around the model’s arms, legs, and waist, to help us see the the bulk of those parts of the figure.  We had some fun making drawings a la Sergio Poddighe, with portions of the figure sliced out and missing.  Then we did some longer poses, and I very much enjoyed drawing contours of the figure without a lot of shading, letting my lines express the volumes instead of light and shadow.  The practice with contours earlier in the session helped me to see the shapes better.

2 thoughts on “Practicing with Horizontal Contours to Show Bulk

  1. Joan, you are the heart and soul of Studio B’s Figure Drawing happening!

  2. Thank you, Susan. I’m happy that there is so much interest and so many talented figure artists in this area, such as yourself, to support our sessions at Studio b.

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