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Letting Go

It was difficult to let go of whatever was on my mind so I could draw last night.  The room at Studio b. was already set up when I got there, so there really was no reason for me not to be able to clear my mind.  Garrett had my easel standing where I usually stand, and he already had the model’s stand set up, with a tip jar put out, and several chairs were set up around the room for other artists.  Music was playing, as always.

We didn’t warm up quite as long as we usually do, because one of the artists was going to have to leave early, so we jumped right into some longer poses after only four 2-minute warm-ups.  But I don’t think that was the issue — I just kept an undercurrent of distraction going the whole night, about nothing of any consequence.

I wasn’t particularly happy with my drawings, so for the last pose I took out my 5″ x 7″ watercolor blocks and made a couple of small pen-and-ink-wash drawings with water soluble ink.  I made 2 drawings from one half-hour pose.  They are pictured above.

My other drawings are pictured below.

Most of my images are available for purchase.  Contact me if you are interested. — Joan Vienot

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Nice work Joan. Brings back memories of when I took life drawing… in the seventies. Nothing quite like having a live model. I really like your simple pen and ink pieces. – Great meeting you in Telluride last week!

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Sue. I enjoyed your video interview of Colleen Duffley and Studio b’s Light Impressions iPhonography installation.

  3. Hi Joan,
    haven’t made it over to life drawing at studio b this year, and now the gallery is gone, have they found a new site? collen mentioned a house on 30a but have yet to hear any address…keep me posted. Your work is incredible and I find your blog very inspiring. keep up the good work! velda

  4. Thank you Velda! Yes, new location soon to be announced! Very exciting! I’ll keep you posted.

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