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Are you thinking of commemorating your very special moment with a painting? There is a difference, an intimacy, when the painting is created on-site, in the moment, en plein air, when the artist is immersed in the sights, the sounds, the decor, the music, the tenderness of the moment. Joan Vienot is that artist. An accomplished plein air painter, Joan is able to capture the atmosphere and the essence of the moment, unobtrusively completing a good portion of the painting right there at your event. Interested guests will have opportunity to watch as the painting progresses from the initial lay-out to the colors and textures of the surroundings and decorations, and finally to the block-in of the figures where she will finish details in the studio.

To ask about Joan Vienot painting at your event, use this contact form.

Prices range from $1250 to $6500.

Below are a few examples of Joan’s work. Several of these paintings are a capture of the first dance. The first one is the bride being escorted by her father.

Alex Anne escorted to her wedding

Alex Anne escorted to her wedding, en plein air16 x 20  Alex Anne requested a commemoration of being escorted into her wedding by her father. I had to imagine where and how she would be staged when I set up the painting, and then take photographs of the exact moment which was only a few seconds, and then paint her in after the fact. In the initial plein air painting, I found that she had to be placed lower on the plane, and the only option for framing would be a float frame, so I repainted the scene in the studio, raising her in the picture plane to allow for better framing, the image above. She was happy to receive both paintings! At right is the original painting — click to enlarge. Alex Anne and Garrett’s wedding is featured in The Knot magazine, Fall 2017. Click here to see The Knot article and my blog about it.

Oil Painting of Brian and Megan Robertson's First Dance

24×20 This oil painting was a surprise gift from the bride’s parents to the lovely couple. Michele and Skip and the florist and event coordinator kept me out of all of the reception lay-out sketches and pre-wedding communications, and we corresponded privately, so Megan and Brian knew nothing of me being there until they actually walked back to the dance area, and found me hard at work! I completed the basics en plein air, and when I got back to the studio, I put more of a glowing white behind the couple, framing their heads with a heart shape in the leaves. I exaggerated the size of the candle chandelier to counter-balance the offs-center couple, but scumbled it so that it would not present a competing visual element. This wedding was coordinated by Defining Moments Weddings & Events.


Oil painting of Tamera and Cody Miguez's first dance at their weddingreception in Gulf Place in Santa Rosa beach, Florida

30×24 Tamera asked Joan to capture the “fabulousness” of the decorations, for her first dance with Cody, above. A guest whispered to Joan that she needed to paint in a rainbow somewhere, to represent Tamera’s dear departed grandmother. For that challenge, Joan found a glint of light running up and down the edge of the near vase, and she painted a prism of color into that glint. See if you can find it. Joan painted the edges as an extension of the painting: https://joanvienot.com/?attachment_id=7420. Coordinated by The Eventful Planner.


Oil Painting of Couple Dancing Outdoors by Bridge, Impressionist Style

10×8 Kris sent Joan images of paintings showing the styles of art that she liked. Many were from the impressionist period, so Joan worked in that style for this painting of Kris and George.


Oil painting of Hunter and Meredith dancing outdoors at Grayt Grounds in wedding reception - final piece

8×10 Meredith and Hunter’s painting was a surprise gift from Meredith’s mother. It was painted in the gardens of Monet Monet in the Grayton Beach area.


Oil Painting of Couple Dancing Outdoors by Bridge, Painted en Plein Air

10×8 Kris and George’s reception was in the gardens of Monet Monet, coordinated by Grayton Beach Catering.

To contract for Joan Vienot to paint at your event, use this contact form.

Prices range from $1250 to $6500.