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A Pregnant Pause at Studio b.

The Wow! factor at our figure drawing session at Studio b. was incredible this week, with a model 8 months pregnant.  I had never before had the opportunity to draw an obviously pregnant model.  I think the other artists at Studio b. were as excited about the prospect as I was — the gallery was packed, standing-room only.  We warmed up with the usual very short poses, and then for the longer poses, we used a floodlight to give extra emphasis to the shape of her belly and her swollen breasts and radiant face.   Some of the artists even got to see the baby kick!  By the end of the session, I suspect we all, and for sure I know that I, completely adored this woman who was willing to share this intimate experience with us.  Following are a few of my drawings from this evening.  Our instructor, Heather Clements, also did some great drawings and posted them on Heather Clements’ Blog.