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Portrait Drawing

On Saturday I attended an all day workshop on Portrait drawing, taught by Heather Clements at Studio b.  I’ve taken this class from Heather before, but it was spread out over several weeks, so this time it was intense, being all in one day.  First we studied a skull to learn the underlying structure of the face.
Next we drew Heather,  and then we drew her skull underneath her features that we had just drawn.  Our final drawing was also of Heather.  When she was teaching the location of features in relation and proportion to each other, she explained that proper position of the features was perhaps more important than whether the drawing was a good likeness, accuracy being less important than not turning the person into something grotesque or sinister.

I don’t expect I will ever be much of a portrait artist because I don’t have that much interest in it, but I would like to put more accurate faces on my figurative work, so I will take the next Portrait class too.

Postscript:  Lest anyone think otherwise, let me say my drawing does not compliment Heather — it has a lot of distortions.  She forgave us all before we even started.