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Exhibition of Italian Baroque Paintings Coming to Tallahassee

The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, will be bringing 50 Italian Baroque paintings to Tallahassee, Florida, next spring.  Last night, Studio b. hosted the “b+b@b” event to celebrate the upcoming exhibition and to introduce the community to the Brogan Museum.  Several staff members were there from the Brogan Museum, including Chucha Barber, CEO of the Brogan.  Also attending, and sharing a film, was Paul Cohen, independent motion picture executive and Director of the Torchlight Program at Florida State University.  Prints of the Baroque masterpieces that are currently being restored were available for viewing, awaiting “adoption” by patrons.  Colleen Duffley presided over the event, offering delectable fare and cocktails to guests while they visited and perused installations by several new artists at Studio b.

It being some 30 years since my art history studies, I was unable to identify the Italian Baroque artists, but the lighting and drama of the Baroque period were unmistakable in the prints the Brogan Museum had on display.  It’s a thrill that our community is the beneficiary of this exposure to the masters, thanks to Studio b.  I’m looking forward to the February event and the exhibition.