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Airport Sketching

Last week I flew to Denver to celebrate my Dad’s 90th Birthday.  People in airports are captive, so I sketched a few.  I quit if they noticed — I didn’t want to make them feel creepy.  It’s pretty amazing how you can be sketching the back of someone’s head and they will turn around and look right at you.  I’ve been attending the figure drawing sessions at Studio b since last August, and I can sketch more quickly now, a handy skill for this exercise, because people move so much even when they are sitting still.  It really makes me appreciate models who can hold a pose.  The following sketches are just moments in time, bored and waiting to board.

Airport Sketch, Elderly Man Airport Sketches, Man Eating Airport Sketch, Man on Cell Phone
Airport Sketches, Man Dozing Airport Sketch, Man Texting Airport Sketches, Backs of Heads
Airport Sketches, Elederly Woman and Man in Cap