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Re-working a Plein Air Sketch

Oil painting of the marsh on Sea Island, later re-worked -- see 2014-1123 Sea Island Marsh 2

Oil painting of the marsh on Sea Island, GA,
2014-1123 Sea Island Marsh 2, re-worked in the studio, from 2014-0426 painted en plein air

Looking back at some of my plein air sketches, I see how the outdoor light sometimes is so strong it completely washes away the color from a scene. This week I played with one of my studies from a plein air painting workshop taught by Laurel Daniel last April, adding more contrast to the values and more intensity to the colors. The result is a painting that I look at for longer, that entertains me, whereas the first study merely presented the basic idea, easily dismissed. Since my plein air painting is a thin slice of my life, I will be considering this. Experiences which may seem colorless, with very little impact at the time actually actually could be full of significance and ripe for interpretation. But maybe I think too much, ha!


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