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Presenting at the 2019 Florida Chautauqua Assembly

Joan Vienot discusses student work at the end of a plein air painting workshop at the 2016 Florida Chautauqua Assembly.

This week, January 24-27, 2019, the city of DeFuniak Springs in Northwest Florida will again host the Florida Chautauqua Assembly, a 4-day educational program which this year is themed “A Journey Into Main Street America”. Displays and exhibits will surround the the nearly circular spring-fed lake in the center of town, and presentations will be given at local churches and at Northwest Florida State College Chautauqua Center. I am a member of the volunteer faculty, tasked with giving a presentation on the subject of plein air painting.

Titled An Affair with Plein Air – Painting from the Outside In, my session description states “the practice of painting scenes from life, outdoors, is the biggest art movement in history, and it is happening now! Accomplished artists find that painting outdoors, in the changing light and under changing weather conditions, rapidly improves their perception and artistic decision-making, and this carries over to their studio-practice. Beginners and non-artists find increased levels of present-moment-awareness, satisfaction and serenity akin to the benefits of meditation.

Groups of plein air painters are springing up everywhere, providing support and encouragement for like-minded brave souls. Who knows, maybe you too will be a plein air painter!” My presentation includes a film by Plein Air Magazine and a sharing of samples of Chautauqua scenes painted by local plein air artists during the event. I will deliver it on Saturday, January 26, 2019, from 3:30 to 4:45 at First United Methodist Church, 88 Circle Drive (click for map sketch). The $10 ticket may be purchased at St. Agatha’s which is a block south of the UMC church. Ticket sales support the expenses of the organization.

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