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On Being a Plein Air Painter – 1

Photo by Pat ‘Sheewho’ Cummins

Last weekend I went to Birmingham, Alabama, and tent-camped at Oak Mountain State Park, with two friends.  Our intention was to enjoy a weekend of mindfulness and simplicity in preparation for seeing the Dalai Lama at two events on that Sunday. When camping, every task is a bit of a chore, and each chore is less than familiar, so mindfulness is a requirement. We packed our groceries, tents, and art supplies, and off we went.  The first night was predicted to be only 45°, so I had packed my quilted overalls and was quite toasty, wool socks inside my trusty Crocs. One of my friends and I went to the lake for our meditation, and we watched the sun come up through the mist rising from the warm water into the chilly air. That’s when my friend Leslie Kolovich said, “Joan, go get your paints!” So I dashed off my impression of the mist before breakfast. I posted my 6 x 8 piece last week, and here it is again, below. I just wanted to share the photograph above, taken by fellow adventurer Pat Cummins, to show what it’s like, painting plein air in 45° weather. I am seated at a picnic table, using my Guerrilla box instead of an easel.

Plein air oil painting of mist rising from Beaver Lake at Oak Mountain State Park

1 thought on “On Being a Plein Air Painter – 1

  1. I just spent several days tent camping at Grand Canyon , painting as well…nothing like it!!

    Will you share with us about your time with Dalai Lama?

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