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Plein Air Near Crab Island in Destin, Florida

Oil painting of the long docks near Clement Taylor Park, Destin, FL, with 6 pelicans
Oil painting of the long docks near Clement Taylor Park, Destin, FL, with no birds

This week the Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters met to paint at Clement Taylor Park in Destin, Florida.  Every week, One member emails everyone with the location of the next session, where we each paint and then meet after 2 or 3 hours for a critique followed by lunch.  Last time we met here, I painted the foliage and reflecting pond by the side of the park.  I blogged about it:

Photo By Jeffrey Jones
Photo By Jeffrey Jones

Today I walked down to the waters edge where I was entertained by the array of pelicans on 6 pilings, one perched on top of each.  A nervous blue heron was less than 15’ from me while I stood on the park dock.  Families were starting to roll their carts of fishing gear and coolers out onto the dock.  The colors in the water were intriguing me, but I couldn’t decide what part of the wide-angle view of long neighboring docks I wanted to paint.  So I decided to paint two paintings, which can be hung side-by-side.

A man stopped to watch me paint when I was first starting, and we talked for a minute.  Like me, he had studied art to be an art teacher, and was looking forward to his soon-coming retirement when he could return to his art.

I admired his 2-year-old daughter’s Flavor-Ice popsicle, and he had her go get me one.  Yum – one of my favorite treats!  Grape!  He later emailed me a photo he had taken of me, above right.

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