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Receiving duplicate emails? Here’s how to fix that.

Hello, my reader and friend.

If you’re receiving 2 emails each time I publish a new blog, it means you are subscribed to both my old website RSS feed and my new email newsletter. Thank you for joining my new newsletter, and for your long-time support of this blog!

Because of the way RSS feeds work, I can’t remove you from the old list myself – but it is easy for you to remove yourself from that RSS feed if you prefer just one notification for new posts.

First, identify which email you received from the old RSS feed. These emails send from “” and look something like the screenshot below.

Scroll to the very bottom of the email from You’ll see the following text. Click the “unsubscribe now” link.

You’ll be taken to the following FeedBurner page to confirm your choice. Click “Yes, unsubscribe me now.”

That’s it! Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with the process.

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When you sign up, you receive a free download of my work “Grayton Fog.” This is a high-resolution image suitable for printing. I recommend ordering a print at your local print shop that you can display in your home or rental property. You can also use it as a digital wallpaper on your computer or phone. In the newsletter, I’ll keep you up to date on my new posts, art shows, and new works for sale.

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Welcome to all new subscribers, and thank you to my long-time readers for continuing to follow my journey.