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Continuous Line Figure Drawing

We practiced continuous line drawing at Studio b. this week.  As always with continuous line, because you just launch into the drawing without a preliminary underdrawing or gesture, there are a lot of distortions which may or may not be corrected by successive lines.

It interesting how even though I knew certain areas were distorted, when I redrew them with another color, I found myself repeating the distortion.

I warmed up with blue-green nupastel on white paper.  On subsequent drawings, I decided to use different colors throughout each drawing as it progressed.  Something came up and I left the session early but I love continuous line drawing and am promising myself I will do more of it.

Our instructor, Heather Clements, will be away on vacation and I will be filling in as guest instructor at Studio b. next week.   It’s been a while since I have taught art.  One of my degrees is in art education.  I taught the two-dimensional visual arts at a high school in Colorado for 3 years before moving to Florida.  I also taught a few workshops here in Florida in the 80’s and I taught an independent study student in the local high school, but after my “day job” developed into a business,  I let my teaching certificate expire.  In my business I also teach, twice or three times a year, so I am practiced at giving presentations.  I’ll need to prepare, but I’m looking forward to it.  My focus will be line quality and lost edges.

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  1. Wow! I have never tried continuous line drawing before, that looks really challenging. I’d love try your class, I wish I was not so crazy busy next week.


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