Live Event Painting Process and Payment

Greetings and thank you for contacting me about painting at your event! 

Here are the basic business details.

DEPOSIT: I paint at events no more than two or three times a month. For that reason, the date should be reserved as soon as possible with a payment of $200 via my secure website at Call me if you prefer to pay over the phone or by check: (850) 259-8394. Your $200 will be applied toward the deposit. A 50% deposit for the painting and expenses is due 3 months in advance of the wedding or event, and the balance is due upon completion when the painting is delivered or shipped. The 50% deposit is refundable up until 90 days before the wedding.

PRICES FOR PAINTING: My prices range from $1250 for a small painting 8×10 to $6500 for a large one 30×40. 20×24 is a popular size, for $3200. I accept a 50% commission 3 months before the event, and the balance is due upon completion when the painting is delivered or shipped. A more detailed price list is attached.

TRAVEL EXPENSES: I don’t drive more than 2 hours (one-way) on the same day as the event. If the event is more than a 2-hour drive from my studio in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, there will be an additional charge of $850 for expenses which include two nights overnight. Flight, car rental, and related expenses will be charged for events that are more than an 8-hour drive from Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

PANDEMIC: I will be flexible regarding any adjustments we need to make because of the COVID-19 pandemic. My first concern is the safety and health of your guests. I do wear a mask.

AT THE EVENT: The event coordinator usually has me set up where I have a good clear view of the specified moment, and where people can see my work as it progresses, but where I will not be in the way. I start painting the scene an hour or so before the event begins, so that I am underway by the time the moment to be commemorated happens, usually the first dance or the presentation of the couple. I use oil paint with odorless materials. If instead you want a painting of a scene at the wedding ceremony, I would take photos of it and then paint from those photos at the reception.

I paint in oils, using a solvent that truly has no smell. My workspace takes up about 6’x6′. I paint facing the scene. It’s better if I am positioned so that people can easily come up behind me — guests often like to watch me work and check in every so often to see how the painting is progressing. Sometimes they even take selfies with me! I refine the details in my studio, especially the figures. The painting is generally dry enough to deliver or ship 3 or 4 weeks after the event. One happy bride shared with me that she had a photo of it printed for the front of her thank you cards. Another said they have it hanging over the mantle above the fireplace. And one, when moving to a new home, said she put it on the front seat beside her, her most treasured possession!

I am attaching a worksheet which will help me prepare for the event – any info that can be provided will be helpful. But if the painting is a surprise, rest assured that I can work without advance imagery. I also have attached a couple of photos of some of my event paintings and more are on my website at

I look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to meet me, my studio is on the same property as my home in Point Washington, 4 miles due north of Seaside, FL. You can text me at (850) 259-8394.

Sincerely, Joan